Granite vs Quartz - Which is the winner?

Yesterday I posted a poll on my Instagram Stories ... it was the first poll I'd ever posted (and it was a LOT easier to do than I'd expected), and I got a GREAT response.

It was a simple question: What would you choose - Granite or Quartz?

As the results trickled in, most people chose Quartz.

Beyond the esthetics - do you know the differences between Granite and Quartz?

Quartz is actually human-made.  It's produced by combining crushed quartz with resin.  This allows a wider range of colours than you'll find in Granite (which is 100% produced by Mother Nature).  This also makes Quartz less of a "green product" than Granite, as it produces more carbon emissions during the manufacturing process.

Quartz is a bit more flexible, and has no striations (as are found in Granite), so it's less likely to chip or crack.  

The resin used in the production of Quartz countertops makes it less porous and more resistant to stains than Granite.  Quartz is virtually zero-maintenance, while Granite needs to be sealed occasionally to keep it fron staining.

The same resin, however, creates some disadvantages to Quartz countertops in comparison to Granite.

The resin used to bind the Quartz can cause discolouration, especially when exposed to sunlight.  For an outdoor application, Granite is the winner - hands down.  

The resin also causes less thermal resistance.  You can easily put a hot pot or pan on a Granite countertop - not so much with Quartz.  Although Quartz countertops can handle some heat, the resin isn't stable with high temperatures and applying too much heat can cause damage.

You can often find large slabs of Granite, which is great if you want to use it for an island application - you're less likely to end up with a seam, and the same can't be said for Quartz.

Quartz also tends to be more expensive than Granite.  Quartz runs around $70-$100 per square foot, while Granite can run anywhere from $50-$175 per square foot (the higher range being of more exotic varieties).

When it comes down to it, it's mostly personal preferance.  Quartz countertops tend to be more uniform in colour and pattern than Granite, so if you like the clean, sleek look in your kitchen, you may very well gravitate towards them.

If you like a more natural, textured look (which is what I gravitate towards), Granite might be the best option for you!

If a kitchen renovation is in your future, I'd love to hear from you and find out what you're chosing for your countertops.  I've also got some GREAT contacts as far as sourcing both Quartz AND Granite, and would love to share them with you!